Dear Graduate Students,

Tom Denton, a postdoc at York University and in the Fields Institute,
is participating and organizing and seeking your help in strengthening
mathematical communities in Africa. He will be giving a presentation
about his activities - and asking if you can help - on Tuesday January
24th, 5:00 p.m., at Bahen 6183. Please come!

His title is "Strengthening Mathematical Communities in Africa", and
his abstract reads:

We will discuss a number of initiatives occurring in Kenya to improve
math education at all levels (high school, undergraduate, and graduate),
while building links between Kenyan mathematicians and the international
mathematical community.  Thus far, these initiatives have included
an international conference held in Nairobi, workshops for graduate
students, a math camp for high school students, and a new electronic
courseware system for undergraduate and post-graduate students.
We will also discuss the scope and impact of the African Institute
of Mathematical Sciences, which has three centers in Ghana, South Africa and
Senegal, and is aiming to expand to fifteen centers by 2050.  We will
also discuss ways that you can get involved!

(My own minor African experience is at


Dror Bar-Natan.

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