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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 10:56:38 -0500
From: Yvonne Adams <yadams@uwo.ca>
To: drorbn@math.utoronto.ca
Subject: Unique Graduate School Opportunity for your Students

Dear  Colleagues,

We write to once again ask your help in promoting a unique graduate program
in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. We believe that the
program may be of substantial interest to some students from your department
since it has been designed to allow talented students with strong
quantitative training in fields other than Economics to immediately pursue
an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Western Ontario even
with no previous course-work in Economics. Our motivation for this program
is that Economics stands apart from other social sciences in its use of
rigorous mathematical models to describe human behaviour. The program has
now been in place for several years, and we have found that talented
students with strong quantitative training in other disciplines (e.g., math
and physics) are highly successful in our program.   Two years ago our first
year class included 3 students from Mathematics backgrounds, 4 students from
Physics backgrounds, 5 students from Economics backgrounds, and 1 student
from an Engineering background. Last year, we had 8 from Economics, 4 from
Mathematics, 1 from Physics, and 1 from Engineering.  This year we have 7
from Economics, 5 from Math and 1 from Finance.

The following is a link to a brochure which contains more details regarding
the program and the substantial funding we can provide to students. We have
also included some observations from some of those currently enrolled
students from non-traditional backgrounds regarding their experience with
the program.


Our graduate program and general department web-sites can be found at

<http://economics.uwo.ca/grad/> http://economics.uwo.ca/grad/

http://economics.uwo.ca <http://economics.uwo.ca/>

We do not wish to be intrusive, so we would appreciate it if you could
assist us in providing information about our program to your students. If
you would forward this email -- or at least the link to the web-site -- to
any and all of your undergraduate students (as well as any graduate students
finishing a program but interested in further graduate work in a different
area), we would be most appreciative. We have already begun admitting
qualified students into this program for the fall semester of 2012. We
encourage students with even a mild interest to contact us immediately. We
are more than happy to help students determine whether our program might be
a good match for them and provide a quick indication of their suitability
for our program and the likely funding we could provide.

We would, of course, also be happy to answer any questions you might have
about the program and will send you a copy of the brochure by regular mail.

Thank you for your help.


Igor Livshits, Associate Professor and Graduate Director;
<mailto:livshits@uwo.ca> livshits@uwo.ca; Yvonne Adams, Graduate
Coordinator,  <mailto:yadams@uwo.ca> yadams@uwo.ca

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