The Azrieli Fellows Program

Opportunity for Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012/2013

The Azrieli Fellows Program welcomes the best and the brightest
postdoctoral scholars who wish to undertake postdoctoral research
in Israel.  The time candidates spend conducting research in Israel
will provide them with valuable tools to realize their professional
goals through collaborative association with Israel's world-class
academic institutions and researchers.  The fellowships are awarded
on the basis of academic excellence.  Candidates are assessed on
their potential to make cutting-edge contributions to their respective
fields.  Aspects of personal merit and leadership abilities are also
taken into consideration without regard to race, religion, gender,
ethnicity or age.

The Azrieli Fellows Program is currently open to scholars in any field
of study who are: 
· at the postdoctoral level.
· Canadian citizens or who have completed their doctorate at a 
  Canadian university.
· able to obtain an academic sponsor who is a faculty member at one
   of the seven participating Israeli academic institutions.  

Participating Israeli Institutions:
Bar-Ilan University | Ben-Gurion University | Technion-Israel
Institute of Technology | Tel Aviv University | The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem | University of Haifa | Weizmann Institute
of Science

For more information and to apply, please visit our website at:

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