To Graduate Mathematics Students:

Each year, I run an undergraduate mathematics competition and am on the
lookout for good problems. So I am appealing to you to contribute. Some
of you will have had lots of experience in competitions yourself, and so
may have access to some good material. However, I also find that some good
questions arise out of research. Perhaps you have proved or come across a
nice lemma, example or a special case of a situation that can be pressed
into purpose.

The problems should be accessible to first or second year honours
mathematics or engineering science students. The topics used so far are
calculus, linear algebra, theory of equations, basic probability,
combinatorics, basic group theory and differential equations, although
probloems of basic reasoning and game theory are also welcome. You can
see past papers on my website

You can contact me at . I would be grateful if
the submissions were accompanied by solutions.

Thanks for your help. Ed Barbeau

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