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Connect Canada is a new internship program that links graduate students 
and Canadian companies for research placements. Regardless of the issue, 
the sector or the location, Connect Canada internships can help 
companies find a cost-effective solution developed by highly skilled 
graduate students under the supervision of an academic supervisor. 
For graduate students, it provides a pathway to further develop their 
research skills, while gaining valuable industry experience and contacts. 
For the academic supervisor, the stipend is considered a part of their 
research funding and provides an opportunity to make contact with various 
industrial partners.

The categories of research that can be performed through this program 
fall into the following categories:  natural science, engineering, 
economy, social science, health, environment and ethics. Each internship 
is four-to-six months and is completed by a graduate student at the 
master's, PhD or post-doctoral fellow level.

Connect Canada internships are funded by $5,000 from the company, 
which is matched by Connect Canada for a total intern stipend of 
$10,000 for the entire internship. The Connect Canada Internship program 
is funded by the Industrial Research-Development Internship (IRDI) 
program through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE).  

For more information, visit 
or contact Raed Kadri - Business Development Officer at

 Raed Kadri, BASc
 Business Development Officer
 Agent de développement des operations
 AUTO21 Inc.
 401 avenue Sunset Avenue
 Windsor, ON N9B 3P4
 Phone/téléphone : 519.253.3000 ext. /poste 4183
 Mobile : 226.280.1741

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