Everyone welcome. Refreshments will be served in the Math Lounge
before the exam.

Departmental PhD Thesis Exam

Monday, September 12, 2011, 1-2 p.m., in BA 6183,
40 St George Street

PhD Candidate:  Franklin Vera Pacheco

PhD Advisor:  Edward Bierstone

Thesis Title:  Resolution of singularities of pairs preserving
               semi-simple normal crossings

Thesis Abstract:

A pair (X,D) of an algebraic variety X and a Weil
divisor D on it is said to be semi simple-normal crossings ("semi-snc") 
at $a\in X if X is simple normal crossings at a and D is the restriction 
to X of a (not necessarily reduced) hypersurface that is simple 
normal crossings with respect to X. We construct a composition of 
blowings-up f: X' -> X such that the transformed pair (X',D') is 
everywhere semi-simple normal crossings and f is an isomorphism 
over the semi-simple normal crossings points of (X,D).

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