The Graduate Students' Union Dental Plan automatically covers
full and part-time graduate students but the Health Plan
automatically covers only full-time graduate students.  The premium
is in your GSU fee.  It is a reimbursement plan - submit your receipts
to the insurance company.

If you already have alternate coverage, you may opt out and receive
a refund.    The opt in/opt out period is September 1 - October 7, 2011.
Deadlines are strictly enforced.

If you would like to add your family to the health and dental plans
you may purchase family coverage.  Please note the opt in dates above.

If you are graduating you may purchase a 12-month extension of this
coverage.  Your insurance ends on the last day of your registered
term (normally Dec. 31 or Aug. 31) not your convocation.

Need a Benefits Guide? Claim form? Visit the Green Shield Website
at centre or visit .

Questions: call 416-978-8465 or email:
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