The following information has been sent to all currently registered
students from SGS. It is important to note the following:

PhD students who commence their progam after September 1, 2010

For PhD students who begin their program after September 1, 2010
and who do not complete their PhD within the time limit
of six years, lapsed registration will no longer be allowed,
Lapsed registration is the current practice for students who started 
before September 2010. Mandatory registration will be required. 
You can apply for extensions to a maximum of 4 years.  
The first two extensions require only 
departmental approval, the remaining two must have approval by
both the department and SGS.  If you do not complete the PhD
within this 10 year period, the degree is forfeited.
In the extension years, all PhD students will pay fees at 50% of
the domestic rate, plus sessional incidental and ancillary fees.

PhD students who commenced in September 2010

This group may lapse and seek reinstatement only if they are still
within the maximum allowable time for the degree program (10 years).
Reinstated PhD students must pay fees for any session(s) in which
they did not register including program extension fees.

PhD students who began their program prior to September 1, 2010

These students have two options. 
They may "opt-in" to the new extension arrangements listed above
or they may follow the regulations that were in place when
they began their program.  Students who do not "opt in" and seek
a program extension after the six-year period will be assessed
full-time fall/winter program fees for the extension period.

This may be all very confusing, so if you have any questions
please just drop by my office and we can discuss this on an
individual basis.


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