Dear All,

We are running a workshop on mathematics and oceanography at the 
Fields Institute on June 13 - 16, 2011. The purpose is to bring 
together mathematicians and ocean scientists to confer on the 
present state of research and the current body of knowledge
on ocean dynamics, and in particular on tsunami predictions 
and the dynamics of rogue waves.  There is a sense of urgency 
in the ocean sciences and the mathematics
communities over these questions, due to the very recent tsunami 
disaster in Japan.
Our purpose is to inform the mathematics community about problems 
of prediction and of description of extreme ocean waves, and 
in particular the role that can be
played by mathematical tools and techniques. As well, our purpose 
is to provide a venue from which collaborations are developed 
between the two communities of mathematicians and ocean scientists.

You are all welcome to attend the workshop, which has no 
registration fee. More information is available at the Fields 
Institute website: <>

  Hoping to see you there,
          Walter and Catherine
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