The 2011-2012 OGS adjudication process is in its final stages. 
Once the OGS Board has provided its final approval, the results 
will be available to students online in the first week of May.

Students are strongly encouraged to check their online status for 
the results as this is the fastest way. Letters will also be sent 
to students but at a later date. For students who applied on paper 
and don’t have a SIN, they can call the general inquiry line at 

What’s new this year for successful students is that they will have 
an online Confirmation of Acceptance available to them when they log in. 
In addition to this, successful students will only have until 
June 30, 2011 to confirm their acceptance. If they do not confirm by 
June 30, 2011, they will be considered as forfeiting their award.

Students placed on a reversion list (wait list) will be contacted 
before December 2, 2011, if they are selected for an award. They 
should not call the university or the ministry for their rank as this 
will not be provided.

Students who are unsuccessful are encouraged to apply again next 
year as each competition is unique and results can vary from year 
to year depending on the number of applicants.


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