The University has just announced the deadline for the Doctoral Completion
Award for 2011-2012 to be April 27. We have been informed that late
applications will not be considered.

In order to meet the university’s deadline, we have set the departmental
deadline to

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2011, 12 noon

This deadline is for both the student and the supervisor.

*** All current PhD4 students who are expecting to register in 2011-12
will be required to submit an application if they wish to be considered
for departmental funding, including TA-ships, and instructorships. ***

The number of awards to be assigned is not known yet. The award has a
value of $10,000 plus a tuition fee waiver (domestic or international).



DCA Student Application:

Please also attach a C.V. (not more than 3 pages).  The graduate office
will supply the required ROSI printout of transcript and a copy of the
last supervisory committee meeting report.


DCS Supervisor’s Evaluation:

In addition, supervisors are required to help in the department’s
recommendation form (please see attached).  Specifically, the following
parts of the form must be filled out by the supervisor (though they will
be edited later by the department):

1. Comments in support of the applicant’s academic merit and
quality of research.
2. Comments in support of the financial resources available to
support the applicant.
3. Comments in support of any unusual requirements of the
research that needed extended time or unforeseen events in
the research program that delayed its completion.
4. Overall comments in support of the applicant.

Hard copies of the application and recommendation form will be placed
in your mailboxes.

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