Dear Students,

I have emailed you about this conference before (see announcement below).
We have just received news that the Fields Institute will provide extra
funding for Canadian students to attend the conference, so the deadline to
register and apply for funding has been extended until this Friday, Feb.
11 for Canada.
If you are planning to give a talk, please submit your registration and
abstract ASAP (as a courtesy to the organisers and to increase your
chances of being chosen).
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (zsuzsi@math).
Best wishes,

Zsuzsi Dancso

> Dear Students is Geometry, Topology, and Related,
> These is a nice conference, a good opportunity to give your first (or
> second, or 15th) talk, and the deadline to apply for funding is soon. I've
> been a few times before, if you have any questions, feel free to email or
> ask me (Zsuzsi Dancso, zsuzsi@math).
> Ninth Annual Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference
>    April 2-3, 2011
>    Michigan State University
>    East Lansing, MI
> Keynote Speakers:
>    Ralph Cohen (Stanford University)
>    John Etnyre (Georgia Institute of Technology)
>    Karsten Grove (University of Notre Dame)
> Young faculty talks focusing on open problems will be led by:
>    Dave Futer (Temple)
>    Teena Gerhardt (Michigan State)
>    Matt Hedden (Michigan State)
>    Jean-Francois LaFont (Ohio State)
> Much of the conference will be dedicated to 30-minute talks given by
> graduate students. Talks may be original or expository and can be given
> by graduate students of any level.
> Funding for travel and lodging is available for graduate student
> speakers and participants. To register and apply for funding, or to
> download a poster, please visit:
> Deadline to apply for funding is February 7, 2010.
> This conference is supported by the NSF.  We are also hoping for
> additional funding from the Fields Institute.

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