Books for Sale

Dear University of Toronto Mathematics and Statistics Departments:

I would be much obliged to you if you could forward this message to
the University of Toronto Graduate Students in your Departments. I
have quite a number of mathematics and statistics texts for sale. The
books are in excellent condition and are offered at very good prices.
Depending on the interest, I may schedule a book sale session at a
table in Sidney Smith Hall on the first floor, right by the Second Cup

Here are the books that I have for sale:


1. A Graduate Course in Probability; Howard G. Tucker; $10.00
2. Studies in Probability Theory; Murray Rosenblatt, editor; $6.00
3. Probability Essentials; Jean Jacod & Philip Protter; $12.00
4. Approximating Countable Markov Chains; David Freedman; $5.00
5. Probability; A.N. Shiryaev; $45.00
6. The Theory of Branching Processes; Theodore Harris; $5.00
7. Probability with Martingales; David Williams; $20.00
8. A First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory; Jeffrey Rosenthal;$12.00
9. Green, Brown, and Probability...; K.L. Chung; $10.00


1. Random Processes; Rosenblatt; $12.00
2. Cycle Representations of Markov Processes; Kalpazidou; $5.00
3. Stochastic Differential Equations; Oksendal; $20.00
4. Introduction to Stochastic Integration; Chung and Williams; $30.00
5. The Self Avoiding Walk; Madras and Slade; $25.00
6. Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus; Karatzas & Shreve; $30.00
7. Stochastic Processes; Doob; $60.00


1. Famous Problems; Klein et al; $5.00
2. Contests in Higher Mathematics; Gabor Szekely; $25.00


1. Abstract Algebra; Dummit & Foote; $30.00
2. Topics in Algebra; I.N. Herstein; $15.00


1. Differential Equations; Esser; $5.00
2. Method of Moments in Applied Mathematics; Vorobyev; $10.00
3. Elements of Information Theory; Cover & Thomas; $45.00
4. Mathematics for the Physical Sciences; Wilf; $12.00


1. Studies in Modern Analysis; MAA series; $6.00
2. Principles of Mathematical Analysis; Rudin; $35.00
3. Principles of Functional Analysis; Schechter; $40.00
4. Basic Complex Analysis; Marsden & Hoffman; $25.00
5. Analysis on Manifolds; Munkres; $30.00
6. Vector Calculus; Marsden & Tromba; $25.00
7. Foundations of Analysis; Belding & Mitchell; $25.00
8. Complex Variables; Schaum's series; $8.00


1. Elements of Number Theory; Vinogradov; $6.00
2. Recreations in the Theory of Numbers; Beiler; $8.00
3. Fermat's Last Theorem; H.M. Edwards; $25.00
4. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers; Hardy & Wright; $35.00
5. Recent Perspectives in Random Matrix Theory and Number Theory;
    Mezzadri & Snaith; $35.00


1. Mathematica; Schaum's series; $10.00

Thank you very much for distributing this list to interested graduate
students, who are free to contact me with their choices by email.

Sincerely yours,


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