We are organizing a learning workshop on
topics related to Ngo's work on the Hitchin fibration and proof of the
fundamental lemma.  David Nadler (Northwestern) has kindly agreed to
be our plenary
speaker.  Other talks will be distributed among the participants.
The workshop will take place from Monday 23 August to Friday 27 of August.
It will be held at the Highlands Nordic Farm House in Duntroon, Ontario, a
scenic location 1.5 hour drive northwest of Toronto.  We hope to have
15-20 participants at the workshop.  Here is our rudimentary website:

The cost of your accommodation and food would be covered for those days.
Unfortunately we will not be able cover travel expenses.

Please contact me (Joel, jkamnitz@math.toronto.edu) if you are interested in participating.


Joel Kamnitzer and Carl Mautner

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