W.L. Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships
Deadline for Submission: Monday February 1st

Please bring to the attention of your graduate students the upcoming award: The
Mackenzie King Open Scholarship.
Application forms and detailed information are available here:

The Mackenzie King Open Scholarship
Eligibility: This award is open to graduates of any Canadian university who engage
in (commence or continue) postgraduate study in any field, in Canada or elsewhere.
One Open Scholarship is awarded annually.

Value: Its value has lately been $10,000 but is subject to change.

Students must submit to the Graduate Awards Office (attention Michelle Ryan), 1
complete application plus 3 additional copies.  A complete application consists of
the following documents:

1.      The completed and signed application form (including sheets A and B as
described on that form).

2.      Three (3) letters of reference from persons who have an intimate knowledge
of your record and ability and are able to give a critical evaluation of your plans
for postgraduate study.  At least two of these testimonials must be from persons
under whom you have taken your major work at university, or from senior colleagues
with whom you have been associated in academic teaching or research.

3.      Certified copies of official transcripts of marks and other academic records
from each university you have attended.  If a transcript is not available, you may
substitute a certified statement by the Registrar or the Faculty concerned.

Deadline to submit to SGS Graduate Awards Office:  Monday February 1st.  Please note
that applications sent directly to the Board of Scholarship Trustees will not be
considered.  Applications and complete scholarship details including application
process, payment process, scholarship terms and conditions are available on their
website at http://www.mkingscholarships.ca/index-e.html.

Please contact me (Michelle Ryan, 416-978-2386,
ma.ryan@utoronto.ca<mailto:ma.ryan@utoronto.ca>) with any questions.

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