The workshop will emphasize two related topics:

  bordered Floer homology, and
  mirror symmetry for manifolds of general type

Minicourse speakers will be Robert Lipshitz, Paul Seidel, and
TBA. In addition, we plan to have talks and discussion sessions.
I received this in the mail today.

Sage Days 20.5

First Announcement
Fields Institute, May 3--7, 2010

Further information regarding this event is available at:

The objective of this workshop is to provide a gentle introduction to
Sage (installation, features, tutorials on basic usage and
development) and to develop and implement algorithms for research in
algebraic combinatorics and the representation theory of finite
dimensional algebras. The workshop will provide ample opportunity for
both the experienced and the newcomers to work on coding projects.
Topics may include:

    • Crystals and reflection groups algorithms
    • Combinatorial Hopf algebras
    • Representations of quivers
    • Cluster algebras
    • Noncommutative Gröbner Bases

The purpose of this blog is to post info on conferences and summer schools in geometric representation theory and related topics.  It is intended for U of T grad students, but it is open to whoever stops by.