‘Affine Schubert Calculus’ refers to an extension of Schubert calculus to affine Grassmannians and affine flag varieties. The new approach to affine Schubert calculus is made possible by the recent discovery of certain explicitly defined symmetric functions called k-Schur functions. The k-Schur functions, which arose in the study of the seemingly unrelated Macdonald theory, were recently shown to be connected to the geometry and topology of the affine Grassmanian.

This event consists of a summer school and workshop to be held at Fields Institute over a nine day period. The period July 7-10 will be dedicated to the summer school, with July 11 as a free day and followed by another 4 days of workshop that will consist of contributed talks. The purpose of the summer school is to highlight some of the major developments of the Affine Schubert Calculus related to k-Schur functions with survey presentations and tutorials. The workshop portion of the event will highlight some recent related research.



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