‘Affine Schubert Calculus’ refers to an extension of Schubert calculus to affine Grassmannians and affine flag varieties. The new approach to affine Schubert calculus is made possible by the recent discovery of certain explicitly defined symmetric functions called k-Schur functions. The k-Schur functions, which arose in the study of the seemingly unrelated Macdonald theory, were recently shown to be connected to the geometry and topology of the affine Grassmanian.

This event consists of a summer school and workshop to be held at Fields Institute over a nine day period. The period July 7-10 will be dedicated to the summer school, with July 11 as a free day and followed by another 4 days of workshop that will consist of contributed talks. The purpose of the summer school is to highlight some of the major developments of the Affine Schubert Calculus related to k-Schur functions with survey presentations and tutorials. The workshop portion of the event will highlight some recent related research.


I found out about this summer school from Steve Kudla’s door. The Hitchin fibration is an important topic of current research, related to the geometric Langlands program.


The University of Ottawa will host a Fields Institute workshop on
Torsors, Lie algebras and Galois Cohomology, March 26-28, 2010

The workshop program will feature invited talks by

Vladimir Chernousov (Alberta)
Skip Garibaldi (Emory)
Stefan Gille (München)
Nicole Lemire (Western)
Mark MacDonald (UBC)
Audrey Malagon (Mercer)
Ján Minác (Western)
Alexander Ondrus (Alberta)
Zinovy Reichstein (UBC)
Aurel Meyer (UBC)
Arturo Pianzola (Alberta)
Jie Sun (Ottawa)
Angelika Welte (Ottawa)

In addition, Prof. Skip Garibaldi will give two introductory
lectures on “cohomological invariants of linear algebraic groups”,
aimed at graduate students.

Financial support is available for graduate students and
postdoctoral fellows. The deadline for applications for support is
January 17, 2010.

More information, online registration and the application for
support cam be found at



                                               October 25, 2009
A conference

   "Representation Theory of Algebraic Groups and Quantum Groups '10"

      August 2 -- 6, 2010,  Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan,

will be held, as the 10th International Conference by Graduate School of
Mathematics, Nagoya University.

This conference is a continuation of the conference of the same title
held at Sophia University, Tokyo, in the summer of 2001, and at Nagoya
University in June, 2006.
The main theme of the conference is, as in the title,
the representation theory of algebraic groups and quantum groups.
Especially the special emphasis will be put on

- Modular representations of algebraic groups,
- Representations of quantum groups and crystal bases,
- Representations of affine Lie algebras,
- Representations of Lie algerbas in positive characteristic,
- Representations of affine Hecke algebras,
- Modular or ordinary representations of finite reductive groups,
- Representations of complex reflection groups and associated Hecke algebras.

The (tentatively) confirmed speakers, as of October 2010, are

   T. Arakawa (Nara Women's University)
   S. Ariki (RIMS)
   R. Bezrukavnikov (MIT)
   J. Brundan (University of Oregon)
   P. Fiebig (Freiburg Univesity)
   M. Geck (Aberdeen University)
   V. Ginzburg (University of Chicago)
   J. Kamnitzer(Univesity of Toronto)
   S. Kato (RIMS)
   G.I. Lehrer (University of Sydney)
   H. Nakajima (RIMS)
   A. Premet (University of Manchester)
   R. Rouquier (University of Oxford)
   N. Xi (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

The organizing committee is :

  T. Shoji (chair),  S. Ariki, H. Nakajima, Y. Saito, K. Shinoda, T. Tanisaki

The registration in advance is not necessary in this conference.
Participants are requested to register at the registration desk
in the conference hall.

Some funds will be available for travel and lodging support.  Please contact
us by e-mail. Especially young mathematicians are welcome to the
conference.  See the conference web page below, where the latest
information will be found.


The conference is being supported by the Graduate School of Matheamtics,
Nagoya University, as well as by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Please feel free to send this message to anyone you think might be interested
in the conference.

For further inquiries, please contact the following:

       Toshiaki Shoji
       Graduate School of Mathematics
       Nagoya University
       Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8602 Japan
       Tel: +81-52-789-5605
       Fax: +81-52-789-9762
       e-mail: shoji@math.nagoya-u.ac.jp

I’m going to this one.

Low-Dimensional Topology
& Categorification conference at Stony Brook, June 21-25, 2010.
We have finally started advertizing the conference; please mention it
to your colleagues and graduate students who might be interested.

The conference website is


“Taipei Conference on Representation Theory” in Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, December 19-23, 2010.

8th annual Graduate Student Topology and Geometry Conference will take place April 10-11, 2010 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

The theme(s) of the student conference are quite broad, but the two plenary speakers are

-Alan Reid (UT Austin)
-Doug Ravenel (University of Rochester).

In addition, there will be 3 “problem/open-question sessions” with the junior speakers

- Moon Duchin (UMichigan),
- Benjamin Schmidt (Michigan State University)
- Tom Fiore (UMichigan, Dearborn),

on geometric group theory, differential geometry, and homotopy theory. Finally, and most importantly, there will be a large number of 30-minute graduate student talks, ranging in style from the expository to the mini-research talk.

More details may be found at


for Canadians. The main conference page is


I'm going to this next weekend.

Workshop on  Lie Theory
and its Applications  will  be held at  Carleton University, Ottawa,
February 26-28, 2010. This Workshop is sponsored by the Fields Institute.

The web-page for the Workshop is:

 Keynote speakers:
Roman Bezrukavnikov (MIT) [to be confirmed]
Jonathan Brundon  (Oregon)
Ivan Losev (MIT)

We plan to have approximately 12 one-hour talks at this Workshop. We will
follow an  Oberwolfach approach - apart  from  the Keynote speakers,  the
rest of the programme will be specified only during the Workshop.

I will be going to this on.

“Connections in Geometry and Physics”,

To be held on 7-9 May, 2010, at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

The objective of the workshop is to bring together researchers who work at the interface between geometry and physics. The first meeting of the workshop was held in May 2009, to great success, and the talks covered topics from geometric analysis, moduli space theory, and symplectic geometry. In 2010, we plan to focus on the following main areas: mathematical general relativity, gauge theory, and mirror symmetry.

This is a first announcement for a workshop that explores the foundations of
conformal field theory from the perspective of operator algebras.  The
workshop will be led by Andre Henriques and held at the University of
Oregon, from 16 August through 21 August 2010.  It will be completely
expositional, and aimed at graduate students and postdocs.  There will be a
strong emphasis on student participation, as in the case of the annual
Talbot Workshops at MIT.  Further information appears below, as well as on
the web: